Tee Lovers


What is Tee Lovers?

We are a new start up company whose focus is to create awesome limited edition designs specifically made for you and your interests and passions.

We don’t sell on a retail basis, but rather research social networks for possible great designs that a selected group of people is eagerly asking for and we get to work to deliver the best designs to these right people at the right time. After enough tees have been purchased of this specific design, we pull it off the market forever.

Do you offer money back guarantees on purchases?

Yes, we have a no questions asked full money back guarantee. If you don’t like the t-shirt after purchase, we refund your money in full.

How can I find all your designs made up to date?

You can’t. The only way we have set for you to purchase one of our tee designs FOR YOU is if we deliver it to you on social media. Because with Facebook ads we can know exactly what you’re passionate about and thus give you what you truly wish for in a Tee Lovers. Meaning, that if you see an ad from us on Facebook, get that tee or you’ll miss out.

How do you know so specifically what people want?

It’s simple. We just research using social media research tools and other resources and find out what people want or are passionate about, we then have our designers create awesome designs that communicate a statement and design that represents you and your passions, beliefs, interests, etc… and finally we market those designs using social media like Facebook ads to put it in front of you as soon as possible so that you can purchase it before we pull it off the market again.

Why do you do time limited campaigns?

Because this makes it more valuable in the eyes of our customers. We want all our designs to be limited editions and time limited campaigns because this way you own a collectors item that only very few fast action takers worldwide got their hands on.

Where do you produce and ship designs?

We are now partnered up with a 100% USA and Europe based company that handles all that for us as of now. Our goal is to have our own in house production facility soon. The shipping is handled through USPS.